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Design of Fe-MOF-bpdc deposited with cobalt oxide (CoOx) nanoparticles for enhanced
 visible-light-promoted water oxidation reaction

S. Mine, Z. Lionet, H. Shigemitsu, T. Toyao, T.-H. Kim, Y. Horiuchi,
S.W. Lee, M. Matsuoka

Research on Chemical Intermediates, 46(3), 2003-2015 (2020).

Design of Advanced Functional Materials Using Nanoporous Single-Site Photocatalysts

K. Mori, X. Qian, Y. Kuwahara, Y. Horiuchi, T. Kamegawa, Y. Zhao,
C. Louis, H. Yamashita

Chemical Record, in press (2020).

Linker Engineering of Iron-Based MOFs for Efficient Visible-Light-Driven Water
 Oxidation Reaction

Z. Lionet, T.-H. Kim, Y. Horiuchi, S.W. Lee, M. Matsuoka

The Journal of Physical Chemistry C, 123(45), 27501-27508 (2019).

Bimetallic MOF-templated synthesis of alloy nanoparticles-embedded porous carbons
 for oxygen evolution and reduction reactions

Z. Lionet, S. Nishijima, T.-H. Kim, Y. Horiuchi, S.W. Lee,
M. Matsuoka

Dalton Transactions, 48, 13953-13959 (2019).

Facile Post-Synthetic Modification of Amine-Functionalized Metal-Organic Frameworks
 to Integrate Visible‐Light Responsive Pt Complexes for Hydrogen Evolution Reaction

Z. Lionet, T.-H. Kim, Y. Horiuchi, S.W. Lee, M. Matsuoka

ChemNanoMat, 5(12), 1467-1470 (2019).

Synthesis of Porous Silica by Using Denatured Collagen as a Template

S. Dohshi, H. Tsukamoto, H. Ida, S. Takado, S. Mine, Y. Horiuchi,
M. Matsuoka

Journal of the Society of Materials Science, Japan, 67(6), 598-602 (2018).

Water oxidation reaction promoted by MIL-101(Fe) photoanode under visible light

Z. Lionet, Y. Kamata, S. Nishijima, T. Toyao, T.-H. Kim, Y. Horiuchi,
S.W. Lee, M. Matsuoka

Research on Chemical Intermediates, 44(8), 4755-4764 (2018).

Preparation of tantalum oxynitride thin film photocatalysts by reactive magnetron
 sputtering deposition under high substrate temperature

Y. Horiuchi, S. Mine, M. Moriyasu, M. Anpo, T.-H. Kim, M. Matsuoka

Research on Chemical Intermediates, 43(9), 5123-5136 (2017).

Fe3O4@HKUST-1 and Pd/Fe3O4@HKUST-1 as magnetically recyclable catalysts
 prepared via conversion from a Cu-based ceramic

T. Toyao, M.J. Styles, T. Yago, M.M. Sadiq, R. Ricco, K. Suzuki,
Y. Horiuchi, M. Takahashi, M. Matsuoka, P. Falcaro

CrystEngComm, 19, 4201-4210 (2017).

An in situ porous cuprous oxide/nitrogen-rich graphitic carbon nanocomposite
 derived from a metal-organic framework for visible light driven hydrogen evolution

K. Jayaramulu, T. Toyao, V. Ranc, C. Rosler, M. Petr, R. Zboril,
Y. Horiuchi, M. Matsuoka, R.A. Fischer

Journal of Materials Chemistry A, 4, 18037-18042 (2016).

Construction of Pt complex within Zr-based MOF and its application for hydrogen
 production under visible-light irradiation

T. Toyao, M. Saito, S. Dohshi, K. Mochizuki, M. Iwata, H. Higashimura,
Y. Horiuchi, M. Matsuoka

Research on Chemical Intermediates, 42(11), 7679-7688 (2016).

Visible-light-driven photocatalytic water oxidation catalysed by iron-based
 metal-organic frameworks

Y. Horiuchi, T. Toyao, K. Miyahara, L. Zakary, D. Do Van, Y. Kamata,
T.-H. Kim, S.W. Lee, M. Matsuoka

Chemical Communications, 52, 5190-5193 (2016).

Efficient photocatalytic degradation of organics present in gas and liquid phases
 using Pt-TiO2/Zeolite (H-ZSM)

B. Neppolian, S. Mine, Y. Horiuchi, C.L. Bianchi, M. Matsuoka,
D.D. Dionysiou, M. Anpo

Chemosphere, 153, 237-243 (2016).

Mesoporous silica-based carbon dot/TiO2 photocatalyst for efficient organic
 pollutant degradation

C. Cheng, D. Lu, B. Shen, Y. Liu, J. Lei, L. Wang, J. Zhang,
M. Matsuoka

Microporous and Mesoporous Materials, 226, 79-87 (2016).