Associate Professor Hayashi photo

Akitoshi Hayashi


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Assistant Professor Sakuda photo

Associate Professor
Atsushi Sakuda


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Professor Tatsumisago photo

President(Emeritus Professor), Professor
Masahiro Tatsumisago


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Secretary: 1
Students: D3; 1, D1; 2, M2; 7, M1; 6, B4; 5

Research Projects

"In our group, the design, synthesis, characterization, and application of novel functional inorganic materials are studied. We particularly do research on the preparation of solid electrolytes where Li+ or Na+ ion is mobile, the formation of solid-solid interfaces by a liquid phase or gas phase process, and the development of all-solid-state energy devices such as all-solid-state rechargeable Li or Na batteries. "

Development and Characterization of Superionic Conducting Glasses and Glass-Ceramics

Solution Processes

Mechanochemical Synthesis of Novel Amorphous Materials

All-Solid-State Ionics Devices